DistribuTrak™ has a reports module that is fully integrated with all other aspects of the system. DistribuTrak™ has over 30 management reports to help you in your day-to-day and long-term business operations. View reports in these categories:

  • Sales Reports (by customers/products)
    o   Sales Unit
    o   Sales Revenue
    o   Sales Commission (by salesperson/total)

  • Order Reports
    o   Back Orders
    o   Orders Shipped
    o   Returned Goods

  • Accounting Reports
    o  Payments Received
    o  Closed Invoice
    o  Account Payable
    o  Cost Center
    o  Asset Depreciation
    o  Income Statement

  • Customer Reports
    o  CustomerTrak
    o  Contact Detail

DistribuTrak™ reports are date-range driven and, because they are fully integrated with all modules, data is instantly updated on your reports. As well, use DistribuTrak's™ innovative "Quick Reports" option and, with a click of a button, instantly receive reports for the past 30, 60 or 90 days.

Your customers also have a set of DistribuTrak™ reports available to them.

  •   Purchase Reports
    1. o   By Business
      o   By Product
      o   By Revenue