Featured Client: Euphoria Smoothies, Inc. Sam Haider, President


Regularly, we ask our clients for feedback on the DistribuTrak service to better understand their operations and specific requirements from an order management and CRM solution. We are always looking for ways to improve / enhance the DistribuTrak platform and the best way to do this is to ask our clients for their ideas. This month, we feature the feedback we received from Sam Haider, the President of Euphoria Smoothies, Inc.

Q: Briefly describe your business?

A: Euphoria is among the fastest growing smoothie and juice bar companies. We help entrepreneurs start a smoothie and juice bar business.

Q: How long have you been a customer of DistribuTrak™ Order Management Systems?

A: We have been a customer for over 2 years.

Q: What features were you looking for in an order management system?

A: The number one feature is ease of use so that all of our staff can be cross trained to use the order management system without having to go through special training as required by other comparable order management systems. Another important feature for us was the ability to have both B2B and B2C modules.

Q: Why did you choose v™ over other systems you looked at?

A: In addition to the above features describe, the initial cost of up and running with DistribuTrak is most competitive in the business. Unlike other comparable systems, it does not require thousands of dollars up front to implement this fantastic order management system.

Q: What has your experience been with the company since you began using DistribuTrak™?

A: Our experience has been wonderful from the very first time we contacted DistribuTrak till present time. We are very happy with the DistribuTrak services and prompt attention to our inquiries.

Q: Would you recommend DistribuTrak™ to other business owners?

A: We feel very fortunate that we stumbled upon DistribuTrak couple of years ago. We believe that we have discovered the best online order management system that addresses all-important features and pricing. Pound per pound, we believe DistribuTrak represents the best value in online order management systems on the Internet. Bar None.