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DistribuTrak™offers a web-based shopping cart and a real-time customer management (interactive CRM) solution for business-to-business transactions, designed specifically for companies that utilize distributors and manufacturers agents to sell their products / services. Using the Internet, you are able to manage all of your b2b interactions, orders and customer support functions.


Welcome to DistribuTrak™ , the experts in web ordering and distributor management systems. DistribuTrak™ Order Management Systems, Inc. was created to give small business customers a one-stop, simple way to place and track orders. As well, DistribuTrak™ delivers a set of cutting-edge management tools and reporting options that give our clients the capability to manage their supply chain processes effectively and efficiently.


DistribuTrak™ was founded by several small business owners who were frustrated with the fact that there were no low-cost online distributor / order management systems available. Each had products they wanted to sell through national distributor networks, but couldn't find an affordable online solution to manage the process. As a result, DistribuDistribuTrakrak™ was created.

DistribuTrak™ was built to help companies use the Internet to cut their supply chain costs, serve their customers better and give them ways to open new markets. Rather than incur the time and expense of building a custom program, DistribuTrak™ provides a simple-to-use software program that is easily integrated into your business processes. And it's available to you immediately online. By building a system that can, at once, give businesses the capability to keep track of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturer's agents and retailers, DistribuTrak™ delivers any sized business the same tools that were developed for the largest corporations to manage their supply chain processes.

We want to provide the best product at the best price to our customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services, and welcome your feedback and ideas. Our intent is to provide an efficient and cost-effective method for companies to do business. We stand behind our service and look forward to enhancing it to meet the changing needs of our clients.