Vargo Outdoors, LLC : Case Study
Contact: Mr. Brian Vargo, Owner

The Problem

Vargo Outdoors, LLC is the leading manufacturer of titanium-based hiking and camping equipment in the United States. As the business grew and expanded internationally, the owners needed to implement an internet-based order management solution. In selecting the appropriate solution for Vargo Outdoors, three main issues needed to be considered:

  • Need for a fully integrated solution between the ordering process, CRM and accounting tools
  • Ability to assign unique product and price lists for each distributor
  • Need for 24x7 support and access to service international distributors

The Solution

After extensive research and product comparisons, Vargo Outdoors, LLC decided to implement the DistribuTrak™ system to service all of their order management needs. As a result, the company is now able to smoothly manage both their domestic and international clients through the integrated DistribuTrak™ platform, and the response to the new service from their distributors has been overwhelmingly positive.

According to Mr. Vargo, “The integration of the DistribuTrak™ service was very easy and straightforward. The system walks you through the process and we had distributors ordering through the service within the first day of implementation. We were able to do all of the set-up ourselves without the need for any outside programming help.”

Vargo Outdoors, LLC utilizes all of the DistribuTrak™ modules; in particular, the CustomerTrak interactive CRM tool has been extremely helpful for the company to more closely manage client interactions and respond to client requests. With seamless integration and data flow between the ordering processes and the accounting and reporting platforms, the Vargo Outdoors, LLC management team tracks and understands revenue and expense trends, and proactively addresses business changes.

With broad geographic coverage from distributors, Vargo Outdoors, LLC needed to be able to create and assign unique product and price lists. With DistribuTrak™, each distributor is automatically directed to his / her unique price list and can order online, in real-time, 24x7. “Our distributors enjoy the freedom to order online, on their schedule, and receive instant, automated order status notifications. We are also able to set-up unique payment terms for each customer – all of this happens without any involvement of my customer service staff. Our missed orders and incorrect orders rate was at 9% before implementing DistribuTrak™ – with DistribuTrak™, it has dropped to nearly 0%. This has been a huge cost savings for us.” says Mr. Vargo.

As is the case with most business owners, Mr. Vargo was very concerned with how his data would be stored, along with concerns for the security and reliability of his order management vendor. Mr. Vargo goes on to say, “DistribuTrak™ has always been available when we need it. The loading speed is fantastic and we feel very confident that, with all of the redundancy and security measures that DistribuTrak™ has put into place, our data is safe.”

Finally, price was one of the deciding variables in the selection of the DistribuTrak™ service. “DistribuTrak™ is clearly the best value in the market place. For the low price and high level of personal service that we receive from the DistribuTrak™ customer service staff, no other order management solution even comes close to the value of DistribuTrak™. We couldn’t be happier and are looking forward to a long relationship with DistribuTrak™.”