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Benefit Descriptions

Online Product Catalog

Create a virtual storefront with a catalog of your products and services. Place an unlimited number of products online with a simple step-by-step process. Import photos, descriptions and sales messages that will be displayed for your customers when they place orders for your products and services.

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Multiple Price Lists

Effectively manage margins with DistribuTrak™'s flexible pricing module . Create as many price lists as you require. Assign groups of customers to a price list, or create a price list for individual customers.

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Secure Ordering

Your customers place orders in a secure environment with instant notification of new orders placed. Auto-email system creates instant communication between you and your customers, minimizing costly and time-consuming administrative tasks. Place orders for your registered or unregistered customers with ease and simplicity, if required. DistribuTrak™'s flexible order platform integrates all types of orders into its Accounting and Reports modules.

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Comprehensive Order Lifecycle Management

Create a virtual one-to-one order management with your customers. Automate order fulfillment processes from receipt of new orders through shipping and billing.

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Just-in-time Inventory Management

Effectively manage inventory at the sub-product level with instant notification of low stock at levels set by you. Backorders created automatically for out-of-stock products.

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Accounts Receivable Management

All shipped orders automatically move to DistribuTrak™'s integrated Accounts Receivable module. Manage receivables at the customer level with built-in Aging Balance reporting, instant update of payment posting and payment history at the invoice level.

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Accounts Payable Management

Manage your Accounts Payables easily and effectively. Post payments to your suppliers. Issue Purchase Orders and track your costs with real-time reports.

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Product Cost Builder Module

Manage supplier costs at the component level with DistribuTrak™'s innovative Product Cost Builder module Integrate all business costs into your products to give you critical business information on margins and pricing.

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CustomerTrak Interactive CRM

Use CustomerTrak as a real-time Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and administrative management tool. Give your employees instant access to all interactions with your customers. Proactively manage commitments, communications and tasks. You can instantly search all historical information for a customer and view the dates that tasks were assigned and completed. Each note and task is time and date stamped, and includes the name of the employee who assigned the task, and the employee to whom the task was assigned. Increase your business effectiveness by using this innovative CRM technology to create one-to-one relationships with your customers.

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Track individual tasks with auto-assigned ticket numbers. Give your customers a unique capability to follow the lifecycle of a task through TicketTrak. In conjunction with CustomerTrak, automatically create an historical repository of all contacts with individual customers, accessible to your employees easily and instantly.

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Restricted Access

Set up restricted access accounts for any of your employees. This feature allows you to control which employees have full and partial access to your critical business information. Unique password and login for each employee.

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Over 30 critical management reports are available to help you manage critical aspects of your business. Track sales of your products by revenue or units. Instantly and simply highlight customer buying patterns. Track backorders and orders shipped to help manage critical inventory and fulfillment
processes. All reports are date-range driven for extreme flexibility. With a click of a button, use DistribuTrak™'s innovative "30, 60, 90" day Quick Reports.

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Full System Integration

All of the modules contained within the DistribuTrak™ system are fully integrated which means that your data automatically flows between modules. Any changes you make to one module will automatically update all other modules.

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Help System

Easy-to-use help screens are instantly available for all processes. Customer support available via email and telephone 24x7. Technical support instantly notified with error messages and available 24x7.

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SSL security in a state-of-the-art data center. RAID 5 redundancy. Fiber optic connectivity for guaranteed uptime. Dual Intel XEON processors with Cisco routers. All systems are fault-tolerant.

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No Outside Programming Required

With DistribuTrak™, you are able to customize a solution for your business without the need for outside programmers. You make all of the changes yourself. With the comprehensive Help System as a guide, you are walked through each process
and instructed on how to make changes / modifications. You create a custom solution that is perfect for your business.

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Import Product Catalog

Import your products from Excel or Common Separated Variables (CSV) files with a simple “cut and paste” process.  Create your catalog of products and services with speed and ease.

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Quick Functionality

Quick Product Set-up:

Use this feature to rapidly set up products with common features.  Simply choose an existing product, and change any appropriate field such as Product Name.  Create whole categories of products in minutes with this innovative feature.

Quick Order Process:

Give your customers multiple ways to place orders with our innovative Quick Order process.  Customers simply input a Product Name/Product Id and quantity, and all additional information is automatically filled in.  Customers who place orders for the same products, or those who order from a catalog will appreciate the speed with which they can do business with you.

Quick Supplier Set-up:

Use this feature if you have the same supplier for multiple products.  Choose an existing supplier from a dropdown menu, and instantly add the product and supplier information to your Accounts Payable processes.

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PayPal and Optimal Payments

In addition to accepting credit card payment and assigning payment terms to your customers, you can now also accept payment through PayPal and Optimal Payments.  Both payments options are integrated into the DistribuTrak platform.

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International Features

With a click of a button, convert any measures from Standard to Metric, or vice versa.  Input bulk and ocean freight container shipping information for your products to support your customers around the world.

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Business to Consumer Shopping Cart

Sell your products direct to the public as well as through your distributor network.  Select a catalog template, import your products and assign a retail price list and you are ready to sell your products world-wide directly to the consumer.  Best of all, the backend accounting and reporting features of DistribuTrak are all seamlessly integrated into your ecommerce shopping carts.

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Income Statement

Create an Income Statement in real-time with DistribuTrak™'s innovative integrated Accounts Payable module. Any payment made can instantly be transferred to your cash-basis Income Statement easily and efficiently. Paid receivables automatically transferred to Income Statement. Export your Income Statement instantly to Excel or Common Separated Variable (CSV) formats

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Depreciation Module

Track your depreciable capital expenses with the amortization schedule you choose. All depreciation
expenses automatically populate your Income Statement in real-time.

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Enhanced Purchase Order

Simplify supplier purchasing processes with DistribuTrak™'s enhanced Purchase Order (PO) functionality. Both you and your suppliers receive instant email notifications of new and shipped purchase orders. Purchase Orders are integrated with DistribuTrak™'s product inventory system, instantly updating your products quantities when supplier purchase orders are received. View all closed PO's in real-time from your Reports menu.

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Enhanced Customer Ordering

Create multiple options for your clients to place orders. Standard ordering templates are combined with "quick order" forms for established clients who want to order by item number or product name without having to search through your entire product catalog.

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Cost Center Accounting

Manage retail centers/franchise operations with DistribuTrak™'s Cost Center Allocation module. Distribute costs such as advertising or administrative. With a click of a button, assign costs to any of your centers, and create reports instantly to track these expenses

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Revenue Reporting

Track your retail center/franchise operations' revenues on a schedule you set. Your centers simply enter their revenues and you create reports at the group or individual center level. Combined with the Cost Center Accounting module, track your center's profitability

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UPS WorldShip Integration

DistribuTrak is seamlessly integrated with UPS WorldShip. During the ?To Ship? stage of the order fulfillment process, DistribuTrak will automatically send the order information to UPS WorldShip software (on the same computer the order is being completed). Once you complete the shipping details in WorldShip, this information can be brought back into DistribuTrak through our interface

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UPS Rates and Service Integration

Through DistribuTrak?s enhanced integration with UPS Rates and Service, you are able to link to the UPS website to determine best shipping rates and methods for your orders prior to finishing your shipping paperwork.

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UPS Tracking Integration

Once a UPS Tracking Number has been created, this number, and all associated package tracking information, is stored on the order in DistribuTrak and is also sent to your customer via the auto-generated email notifications generated by the system

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As a business partner of, DistribuTrak has implemented a seamless interface with that allows you to bill your credit card payment customers without ever having to leave the application. Once you have entered your transaction ID and password, you are set-up to bill any credit card, received by a customer, within the DistribuTrak application.

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Web Services Integration

DistribuTrak leveraged the most recent web-based APIs to build an interface that allows our customer?s to integrate DistribuTrak with any outside 3rd party shopping cart or accounting system. By doing so, this enables our customers to continue to use their existing B2C shopping carts and accounting tools, yet bring all orders into the DistribuTrak platform for one-stop storage of all data, accounting, and reporting. This interface support both real-time data transfer as well as batch uploads of data.

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Live Chat Operator Support

As a Platinum or Franchise customer of DistribuTrak, we are pleased to offer Live Chat support to quickly answer any questions you many have while using the application. Our Live Chat desk is staffed with very knowledgeable Customer Support and Technical Support staff, willing to help make your DistribuTrak experience the best possible! Our Live Chat desk is open during normal business hours (EST), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

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