Learn more about the history of DistribuTrak™.

At DistribuTrak™, we are continually adding new features to our core service in response to customer feedback. This increased functionality is seamlessly integrated into our platform without causing any disruption to your current service. With each new release, you will be notified of the additional functionality and provided with a how-to manual to begin utilizing the upgraded service. Your feedback is very important to us, and we encourage you to provide suggestions on ways to enhance the DistribuTrak™ service.

Small Business Complete released - January 2013

UPS Tools Integration - November 2012

Web Services Interface - June 2012

Upgrade to ASP.NET 3.5 - October 2011

Bulletin Board CRM - January 2011

PayPal Integration - October 2010

Professional 5.0 - October 2010

DistribuTrak™ 4.0 - June 2009

TicketTrak™ - January 2009

Product Cost Builder - January 2009

Instant Search Capabilities - August 2008

CustomerTrak™ CRM April 2008