DistribuTrak™ Announces Version 4.0 Release

ATLANTA, GA, June 1, 2009 - DistribuTrak™ has successfully completed the production launch to version 4.0 and system users rate the upgrade as “extremely satisfied” per follow up survey results tallied last month.

The DistribuTrak™ version 4.0 release is the latest in planned upgrades for the product.  Feature functionality and product architecture were significantly upgraded in this latest release.

Specific modifications in the DistribuTrak™ 4.0 release include the product platform conversion to an ASP.NET architecture; Addition of an embedded AR/AP module to support all financials for a small business owner; Functionality to support the calculation of sales commissions and compile trending and performance analysis per sales representative; Enhanced reporting capabilities tied to the CustomerTrak™ CRM which includes the ability to create “Quick Reports” that function as the business owners’ daily dashboard; And, also included in this release, is the addition of Promotion Code management which allows the business owners to offer unique promotion codes on a customer-by-customer basis to existing and new customers, direct mailings and customer referrals.

DistribuTrak™ Version 4.0 will allow business owners to maximize a single application for the majority of their business operational needs.

DistribuTrak™ Order Management Systems, Incorporated is a leading web-based application service provider that was founded in 2002 by a group of small business owners who were in need of a fully integrated platform for B2B and B2C order receipt, management and distribution.  DistribuTrak™ is a US based organization, headquartered in Atlanta, GA and currently supports thousands of small business owners across the US and Canada.

Contact info:
DistribuTrak™ Communications Department
P.O. Box 547
Roswell, GA 30077