Bulletin Board

DistribuTrak™ has a built-in Bulletin Board messaging system to use to deliver messages to one, all or any combination of your customers.

  • Add text, graphics and images in a simple, step-by-step process to deliver key sales, service or any other message to your customers
  • Create as many Bulletin Board messages as you wish, with multiple messages for your customers
  • Set automatic times for messages to run. There is no need to manage your messages. DistribuTrak™ will manage this process for you
    1. o     For example, deliver a "One Week Product Sale" message to your customers, and set the "Expiration Date" for one week
      o     The message will automatically disappear from your customers DistribuTrak™ homepage in one week
  • Thumbnails enlarge with a click

Increase your sales! Increase your customers' satisfaction! Deliver real One-to-One Customer Relationship Management messages for your business!