Order Processing

Order processing for DistribuTrak™ is integrated with nearly every other element of the system, simplifying your entire supply chain process. When an order is processed:

  • Your inventory is instantly updated when an order is filled
  • Low inventory notifications are displayed on your DistribuTrak™ homepage for built in just-in-time inventory controls
  • Sales and product reports reflecting orders are available immediately for your use
  • Instantly view the status of any order from the DistribuTrak™ order summary page
  • Sort orders by status, date, company, order number, dollar amount, type or p.o.number
  • Access any pending order from this page for easy management

Processing orders is intuitive, and DistribuTrak™ takes you through a simple step-by-step process to minimize the chance of any errors and customer dissatisfaction.

  • You can modify any order based on inventory on hand
  • Back-orders are automatically created for you and your customer
  • Major shipping company functionality is integrated into the order process to quickly and easily add shipping costs to an order
  • Once an order is shipped, the invoice automatically moves to your Accounts Receivable module