Shopping Carts

DistribuTrak™ features an integrated shopping cart functionality with extra features, giving you cutting-edge ecommerce capability :

  • Unlimited product combinations (e.g., colors, sizes) are easily displayed for customer ordering
  • Product photos and descriptions are displayed for easy viewing
  • Repeat customers can sort products by category or product code to simplify their ordering process
  • Your customers can place drop ship orders
  • Customers can insert special notes or instructions
  • Payment terms that you specified on your customer registration are pre-populated on the customer order form

The same set of Shopping Cart features is available for your Business-to-Business, or Business-to-Consumer catalogs, with one exception. Payment terms for B-to-C shopping defaults to either Credit Card, or PayPal billing.

Taxes are automatically added based on the tax tables you set up in DistribuTrak™. If a customer is tax-exempt, or an OEM, they can simply note that on the order form, and taxes will be automatically waived.

  • Checkout is simple with pre-filled fields based on your customers' requirements
  • Your customers can review and modify any part of their order prior to submitting to you with a click of a button
  • Both you and your customers receive instant email notification of the submitted order